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Grand Rapids, MI


You are more than a diagnosis or a collection of symptoms. The complexity of your life and experiences deserves far more care and attention than simple solutions or ways to change your thinking.


By exploring the richness of your internal world and your interpersonal experiences, we will gain insight into the underlying forces that influence the way you think, feel, and behave. With new clarity, you'll be able to break unhelpful patterns, heal from psychological wounds, and move forward in your life with mindful intentionality.


My work is centered around the development of a deep and trusting therapeutic relationship. I want you to experience the kind of safety and confidentiality that is so crucial to explore both the heartaches and joys of life.


I trust your judgement and intuition. My expertise lies in the therapeutic process. You are the expert on your life, and it's up to you to determine what is important to talk about. I will help you identify and remove the obstacles that block your natural ability to grow, not try to fix you or tell you how to live.

The here-and-now is rich with information and insights. I'll focus not just on the content but the process of our encounters. When we're in session you can expect me to focus on your emotional experiences, the dynamics of our interactions, and the ways you talk about yourself and your experiences.

I am passionate about the work of psychotherapy and care deeply about the people I work with. I bring years of experience, deep knowledge of the change process, and a sense of humility to our relationship.

See the services page for a more detailed description of my evidence-based approach.


The people who tend to work well with me are interested in meeting weekly, developing a long-term relationship, and examining the root causes of issues in an open and unstructured format.


We each have differing experiences in the world based on race, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, and other important demographic characteristics. These differences result in unique cultural experiences, as well as experiences of privilege or oppression. It is my job to educate myself on your cultural context, tailor treatment to align with your value system, and develop insight into the impact of my own cultural particularities on our work together.

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